A LOT OF people think of creativity as a form of divine inspiration, a natural blessing, an external force that we don’t or can’t control. It kisses the chosen, so we assume, and leaves those less fortunate behind in the dark. But creativity is a lot more than that — far less mystical, it is a method of thinking that can be acquired. And even more importantly, it is a choice! And it needs to be practiced!

How can I choose to be creative? What is creativity in the first place? And how do creative, artistic people think? Exposing ourselves to the so-called creative process and accompanying the student on his/her creative journey to grasp its beauty has always been one of the most exciting adventures. It has the power to alter the way we experience the world and how we feel and think about it — and ultimately changes us as human beings.

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What the students say

I want to say thank you for opening up the world of graphic design to me …
Our twice weekly meetings opened up a space of creativity and desire …
Thank you, Yehudis, for your wonderful class and
sharing your passion for graphic design with me.

Eli S. | Australia

Yehudis brings three distinct sets of skills into her teaching:
her knowledge about the principles of art, about graphic design and her mastery over the
intricate workings of Adobe Creative Suite, a software package that allows users to create graphics.
Being guided by her breadth of knowledge was fun and motivating, and we saw quick progress in our student work.
I loved the class and took much from it. I can very much recommend Yehudis as an inspiring teacher
and as a talented artist.

Prof. Dr. Julia Eksner | University of Applied Sciences| Frankfurt, Germany

There are no words for me to describe my sincere thanks
for all that you have done inside and outside the classroom.
You made yourself available for our questions at all different hours with a smile –
I really admire your classroom management and devotion.

Batya G. | USA

The teacher knew the material so well and
imparted her knowledge to us with clear and
comprehensive instructions.
There was hardly a question she couldn’t answer,
and her patience with us at times amazed me.

Liz R. | Israel

Thank you so much for all you have taught me.
I have learned so much …
and particularly enjoyed learning the creativity techniques.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for making the atmosphere in class so enjoyable.

Vered H. | USA

The course was great!
Certainly exceeded my expectations.
The teaching and organization were brilliant.
I felt very at home in a friendly atmosphere.

Dipesh K. | India
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