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Time. Time to listen. To design. To develop. Time to expose ourselves to our clients and their needs. Think. Sense. Feel. Question and scrutinize. Learn. Let ideas grow and develop. Go into detail. Never give in to the superficial. It is said the devil‘s in the detail, but we believe, it is rather the love towards what we do that is found in it.

Design is art, is metaphorical, overarching and reaching far beyond the four corner dimensions of a computer screen. New technologies can be a great help and revelation on the way, but never the means to an end. Cause unless graphic design, as much as any form of visual communication, masters the language of art, stimulates as many of our senses and feelings as possible, it stays superficial and has little reason to exist. We want to get to the essence of each project, to be able to communicate it in the most appropriate aesthetic, graphical, typographical and emotional language.

Hidur Design Works is a full-service design studio that serves clients around the globe. We accompany you professionally from the first brainstorming to the finished product or design and will help you create designs that make a difference.

If you want that too, then maybe we should talk about your next project …

Yehudis Jacobowitz


Yehudis Jacobowitz

graphic design | web | art | illustration | workshops & training

Yehudis, the studio’s creative spirit, is a certified visual artist, designer, and lecturer. She originally had planned to become a classical musician, but life had other plans and she ended up studying art, design and visual communications, working as a creative professional for the past 30 years.