disciplines: book design, editorial design, layout, typography, illustration

clara hepner – jüdische märchendichterin

Clara Hepner, a Jewish writer born in Görlitz in 1860 as the daughter of the local Rabbi, became a successful author of children’s stories, animal fables, and fairy tales during the Weimar Republic. Living in Munich during the height of the Munich Bohème, a contemporary of Karl Wolfskehl, Hermann Hesse, and Thomas Mann, she also worked for known magazines like Jugend and Die Lese. After her books were forbidden and she was ultimately driven to suicide by the Nazis in 1939, her works were forgotten along with their author.

This book is a revival of Clara Hepner’s life and works. It was important to integrate original designs, ornaments, and illustrations of her time to connect to this so fruitful period of German culture before its destruction that was to begin in 1933.

Hentrich & Hentrich Verlag, Leipzig, Berlin, 2022


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