what our clients say

what our clients say …

dr. nora pester | hentrich & hentrich publishing house

A feast for the eyes is “a very beautiful, aesthetic sight that something or someone offers”. The books designed by Yehudis Jacobowitz are such eye candies on paper.

peter h. gogolin | author

If you are looking for artistic graphic design, you won’t get around Hidur Design Works. Cooperation is key for Yehudis Jacobowitz.

sandra kreisler | singer & voice artist

Every time I work with Yehudis Jacobowitz, be it for a concert poster, calligraphy or only for basic brainstorming, I am amazed each time anew at her artistic versatility. Her intelligence in grasping the corresponding visual language, her willingness, and patience to serve my needs with her sparkling creativity is hard to beat.

Her sensitivity for language, her humor and intuition make her an invaluable partner for implementing my visual wishes. I am proud and happy to know her.

dr. hartung schaab | kunstverlag schaab

It was amazing to experience Yehudis’ immediate and fast evaluation of an overall situation and implementing the same into individual designs, providing for all contingencies of a presentation without further nameable guidance on my part.

dr. cornelia oßwald-hoffmann | art historian & curator

Yehudis Jacobowitz and I successfully worked together on various projects. I could always count on her to exclusively deliver excellent graphics and design work even in the most stressful situations.

What I treasure about Yehudis’ work is her consistency in delivering high-quality design combined with her creativity that undoubtedly comes from an artistic background. Her reliability and autonomy in processing my projects have always been a great relief and immense enrichment for my work.

art & work | design agency

Because of the best conceptional and design capabilities, Yehudis Jacobowitz met all conditions to work out assigned projects for our agency in the most professional manner. Mrs. Jacobowitz not only has excellent theoretical knowledge combined with the necessary feeling for the client’s needs but is equally capable to implement her ideas flawlessly with the technical resources at her disposal.

Inside the team, she proved herself committed and willing to compromise, with the ability to play a self-confident part and keep a clear head in the stressful daily business. She had the commitment to prudently lead the team to high efficiency.


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