dr. josi levy | academic advisor | lander academy | jerusalem, israel

The impressive, confident lecturer lead the students with charming yet clear instructions. No word was superfluous, the language professional. The method by which Mrs. Jacobowitz teaches: focused step by step instructions, use of codes and computer language with accompanying and supporting examples – from stage to stage. She explains and demonstrates the possibilities inherent in the software in detail and on all levels. Yes, her students know computer graphics!


henrik wolf | seminar coordination | macromedia | munich, germany

In class, Mrs. Jacobowitz distinguished herself with her excellent theoretical and practical knowledge. The students appreciated her friendliness and her ability to clearly convey even the most complex teaching contents and illustrate them with comprehensible real-life examples. Mrs. Jacobowitz is in a position to respond to all questions with great patience and adapt to the individual student personalities in each class.

In our seminars, Yehudis Jacobowitz has been teaching theory classes like typography, creativity techniques, and design as well as the important programs of print production like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.


eli szental | australia

I want to say thank you for opening up the world of graphic design to me … Our twice weekly meetings opened up a space of creativity and desire … Thank you, Yehudis, for your wonderful class and sharing your passion for graphic design with me.


prof. dr. julia eksner | university of applied sciences| frankfurt, germany

Yehudis brings three distinct sets of skills into her teaching: her knowledge about the principles of art, about graphic design and her mastery over the intricate workings of Adobe Creative Suite, a software package that allows users to create graphics.

Being guided by her breadth of knowledge was fun and motivating, and we saw quick progress in our student work. I loved the class and took a lot from it. I can highly recommend Yehudis as a deeply inspiring teacher and talented artist.


batia gindi | usa

There are no words for me to describe my sincere thanks for all that you have done inside and outside the classroom. You made yourself available for our questions at all different hours with a smile – I really admire your classroom management and devotion.


liz rabah | israel

The teacher knew the material so well and imparted her knowledge to us with clear and comprehensive instructions. There was hardly a question she couldn’t answer, and her patience with us at times amazed me.


vered halpern | usa

Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I have learned so much … and particularly enjoyed learning about the creativity techniques. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for making the atmosphere in class so enjoyable.


dipesh khatri | india

The course was great! Certainly exceeded my expectations. The teaching and organization were brilliant. I felt very at home in a friendly atmosphere.