creativity & design for businesses

Creativity is the most crucial factor for future success.

—2010 IBM CEO Study

In a time, when we all compete for each other’s attention, understanding the importance of creativity within corporate thinking and design has become essential for entrepreneurs, to stay competitive. Creativity in design has become a building block of today’s business-thinking and problem-solving, for large companies as well as small business owners.

However, small businesses and freelancers particularly struggle with the challenge of how to best present their company, products or services. Very often there’s no sufficient budget for expensive design or product photography, unfortunately too often resulting in websites with an unprofessional appearance, poorly designed business cards, and an overall presentation that can’t bring out the best of what they offer. More importantly — these business people might already sense what will be effective but have difficulties expressing what their businesses need visually and aesthetically.

Apple’s iMac 1998-2018

the workshop

Our workshop Creativity and Design for Entrepreneurs was designed for business owners with limited or no design experience. We focus on exercise-based learning experiences as a way of reshaping cognitive patterns, introducing new ways of thinking, and encouraging creativity.

We would like to address some of today’s entrepreneurial challenges and provide participants with a few essential tools of how they can better integrate creative thinking, design, and aesthetics in their business presentation.

The workshop consists of four three-hour sessions that will cover:

• An introduction to creativity and aesthetics
• What is creative confidence and how can I get it?
• An introduction to design thinking
• The psychology of beauty and design
• What is synesthetic design and why is it important?
• What is a good design and why?
• An introduction to color, color theory, and psychology
• An introduction to typography
• An introduction to branding
• Why are all of these important for me and my business?
• How can I present my business better? (With a review of your current branding)

We would like to take participants by the hand and lead them from understanding to experience to action, by helping them gain a new perspective on a theme well-known to them — their own business.

Yehudis Jacobowitz

Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity.

—Saul Bass (1920–1996)


the lecturer

Yehudis Jacobowitz – born in 1970 in Munich, is a certified graphic designer, visual artist, and lecturer with years of experience working for European agencies, and her own studio, Hidur Design Works. For almost 20 years, Yehudis has also been a lecturer for graphic design at academies in Munich (Macromedia) and Jerusalem (Lander College), teaching individual and online courses of graphic design, computer graphics, creativity techniques, design thinking, typography, and print.

As a teacher and creative professional, she’s been continuously exposing herself to the creative process, accompanying each student on their own creative journey, to help them grasp its beauty – always one of her most exciting adventures.

As a synesthete, experiencing ongoing cross-sensory sensations (sound-color synesthesia / auditory-tactile synesthesia), Yehudis integrated the idea of the blending of senses into her teaching, while developing workshops for adults and children to encourage a unique view of creativity – an extension of our sensual perception.


contact us

We offer this four-week workshop (meeting once a week) for 850 NIS in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, and in Tel Aviv. If you are interested in bringing the workshop to your neighborhood, please get in touch with us for all further details.

Workshop Organization

Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.

—David Ogilvy (1911–1999)