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In the age of the Internet and social media, no business can survive without a professional online presence. Whether it’s your website, social media graphics, animated graphics or videos – we will help you to stand out with high-quality graphics, illustrations, and ads.

our branding

The Hidur logo is based on a custom-designed Hebrew typography displaying the word »Hidur« in its original Hebrew version. The reduced and simplistic geometry of the Hebrew letters is wonderfully suited for a variation of more playful and animated 3D designs for online purposes and illustrations.

mental health | breaking the stigma

Depression and suicide are still considered taboos inside many societies. However, people die from suicide and depression as they die from any other diseases. The stigma of depression is alive and kicking. It’s time to give it a face and break it.

product ad | jewish art calendar

product ad | little jewish prayer box

product ad | little wordspaces

richard c. schneider | journalist & filmmaker

kunstverlag schaab | art publisher