disciplines: product design, packaging design, print, layout, art, illustration, hebrew-english

little jewish prayer box

The Little Jewish Prayer Box® combines holiness with art and aesthetics, fusing our spiritual obligations with our human need for beauty. It shall raise our awareness of Kedusha (holiness) in the upper world by manifesting it through beauty in the lower world. The box contains all the necessary prayers for Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. The comprehensively themed folders and booklets are artistically designed and combined in an elegant slip-lid box of the finest quality.

The product is based on a building block system and can be adjusted to the customer’s personal needs from singles to couples to large families. The collection will be constantly extended. The box’s subtle design is reminiscent of the Tefillin cubes (phylacteries), the outer form of the slip lid box representing the male and the female presence of the divine.

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