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mental health

depression | breaking the stigma

Depression and suicide are still considered taboos inside many societies. However, people die from suicide and depression as they die from any other diseases. It’s time to create more awareness and break the stigma …



wall art | the seven species

the seven species

For thousands of years, the Seven Species, שבעת המינים, have played an important role in the food of Jews in Israel and the religious traditions of Judaism all over the world. Today, Jews eat them on Tu B’Shvat (The New Year of the Trees), on Shavuot and on Sukkot – and decorate their sukkah with images of them. These digital artworks were created for the Hidur Design Product Line to bring a new sense of beauty into sukkahs or simply as a colorful addition of interior design to kitchens or living spaces. They are available as metal and acrylic prints.



cohen’s deli

cohen’s deli

The digital art series called »Cohen’s Deli« is dealing with halachic and spiritual concepts of kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws.

cohen’s deli
I. glatt kosher   |   II. of the higher and the lower world   |   III. of the world eating

hashgacha – supervision  |  bishul israel   |  the land of milk & honey I/II



modern-day jewess

modern-day jewess

In this series of digital portraits, the artist herself is her own model for these modern interpretations of Biblical women. The works are a reflection on the strengths and virtues of our ancient mothers and what we can learn from them today …

Hannah – The Mother of Silent Prayer
Miriam – The Well of Hope
Deborah – The Prophetess of the Bees
Avigail – The King’s Maidservant
Yehudis – The Heroine

Digital Artwork of Mirjam, the sister of Moses
Digital artwork of a modern interpretation of the Jewish prophetess Avigail
Digital artwork of Yehudis as an interpretation of Gustav Klimt's "Judith I"