about us

The Creativity Hub is a lab for the encouragement of art, design thinking, and creativity.

It was created by Yehudis Jacobowitz — a certified visual artist, designer, and lecturer —  and her design studio HIDUR DESIGN WORKS, and offers a wide selection of workshops and training for children, adults, creative professionals, and businesses.

AS A LECTURER at academies in Munich (Macromedia) and Jerusalem (Lander College), Yehudis has been teaching courses of graphic and design, computer graphics, creativity techniques, design methodology, typography and print for the past 18 years.

AS A SYNESTHETE, who experiences ongoing cross-sensory sensations (sound-color synesthesia / auditory-tactile synesthesia), she started to integrate the idea of the blending of our senses into her teaching and developed special workshops to encourage a different take on creativity and the extension of our sensual perception.

AS A CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL she continuously exposes herself to the so-called creative process, examining it in its structures, methodology, and details — to passionately accompany her students and clients on their creative journey to develop and maximally unfold their personal and professional potential.