Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep. 

—Le Corbusier (1887–1965)


ART — IN ALL its manifestations — be it music, poetry or the visual arts, has a unique quality: It reaches places inside of us no other medium can reach and access. That’s its human and humanist purpose. It allows us to feel feelings or think thoughts, we wouldn’t have felt or wouldn’t have thought if it wasn’t for the artistic experience.

Art can bring joy and pleasure. Art can enrich. It can enoble. It can renew. Art can unite. Art can confuse. It can disturb. And at the end of all of this, Art can be the catharsis that brings us healing. For me as an artist, this has always been its most important purpose.

As a designer and visual artist, I study the language of art and aesthetics. As a teacher, I try to help others acquire the tools of our craft, needed to engage in the artistic process.

If you are interested in lessons in drawing, painting, traditional graphics printing techniques (like e.g. woodcut), design and art theory or digital art, please get in touch with us for further details and an individual offer customized for your interests and needs.

Below you can read a few words by my curator and view some samples of my artwork:



by Giuseppe Ussani D’Escobar

To understand the world in its depth, it is necessary to be on the move – considering that man takes steps on this earth every day, albeit small ones, in the same way, a child faces and discovers the marvels of creation for the first time.

Yehudis Jacobowitz is an artist, and foremost a woman, traveling a path through the illuminating symbols of the universe, which she manages to capture. The universe can be compared to a book, from which man has to decipher the messages in order to improve his consciousness, his state of awareness, and thus his interaction with nature and society.

Mysticism is about immersing oneself in the mysterious and holy codes of this universe and let oneself go, lose oneself to eventually find oneself; liberate oneself of one‘s own ferocious and insatiable individualism – to find love. And so, here are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet of Yehudis, personifications of man, who attempts to find his origin again through prayer, striving to arrive at a renewal, a rebirth.

The works of Yehudis are an invitation to get connected again to the creator‘s spirit, to reexamine the sense of life. In a world that collapses into depression and loneliness of the soul, it‘s essential to find true and fundamental principles, a way of being, setting aside the excessive consumerism: only in this way man will be able to heal and regain his dignity. Art is mystic, and it is the mysticism of beauty that emanates from the works of the artist. Yehudis unites the figurative with the abstract, discovering the letters to be her agents, a ring of conjunction; the abstract becomes a fabric, a thread interweaving the dots.

The »mysticARTinitinere« project wants to be a revival of man‘s core values, in the modernity and actuality of expressive means, communicated in an innovative and original manner – proposing a journey from one continent to another, from one city to another, hosted by the most diverse cultures: because mysticism is always in fashion, it belongs to everyone, without distinctions; and this means to create and transmit culture in a positive way.

© Giuseppe Ussani d’Escobar, Art Critic and Curator, Rome, Italy